An Easy Way to Increase Backlink


By: nugroho sj

A blog needs traffic to raise the blog, especially an online business blog, because the blog without traffic same with a dead blog.
To increase your blog traffic is a different way as usual; follow the traffic exchange program or a more easy way with backlink. Of course, for user’s dofollow blog already know what it is backlink.

To get a backlink from a blog dofollow actually not difficult, we only need to comment on the blog according to the article that we read in the blog, but it does not mean you wish to provide comments will be considered as spamming.

To search for a backlink should use software called Fast Blog Finder to find a blog can easily write only with the appropriate keyword with the desired target blog. It is complete with the automatic search for nofollow or dofollow blog and complete with page rank blog. To run this software, you only need to install it and after that you can use it directly with the write keyword you want, and after a link from the keyword appears, you can open it and start writing the comment in the blog.

Who should know is that, for its trial version, this software can only find 50 blogs for one keyword, but for the premium version / gold can find 834 blog for a keyword.

If you want to download and learn the tutorial of this software plus the Affiliates program that can add a commission in your online business blog, you can see it in

Hopefully useful for all bloggers.


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